Meeting Minutes July 6th 2023

We were online and in person at The Cottage at 18th & Arizona, last night. Several of our members were out of town as is often the case this time of year but, what we lacked in numbers, we more than made up for in spirit. The open speaking slots gave a few of us a chance to take to the stage at the last minute and work on pet projects. Yours Truly used the time to practice a 5-minute story I hope to give at an upcoming Moth event next week. It’s a tale about how a few beers with a couple of buddies led to a rigorous 5-month training program culminating in the Culver City Marathon and a lifelong obsession.

Karan used his speaking time to work on his speech about “thoughts”. It was a speech he’s given before so, I guess, it could have been called “Second Thoughts”, but, as it turned out, this was a much-improved version of the first. He has used the feedback from the group to craft a very interesting talk that generated a good deal of conversation during the round robin evaluation. Check out the video.

Shaun Shue was our online Table Topics Master extraordinaire listening very carefully to the content of both speeches and incorporating what he learned into great questions for the TT segment of the meeting. This format allows us to expand on the topics introduced and gives speakers even more feedback. If you couldn’t attend last night or would like to simply review your brilliant performance, here’s the link to the video which, by the way, was started on time thanks to a reminder from Karan:

You can now review all your brilliant performances in previous meetings! Check out all of our meeting videos (and those above average meeting photos that look like we’re having so much fun) right here:

Here’s the line-up for or our next online-only meeting, Thursday night, July 13th at 6:30 PM. The meeting will mark Lora’s return to the group and her first appearance as our new President! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend as I’ll be at the Moth event in Silverlake hoping that my name will be drawn out of the hat for an opportunity take the stage and tell my tale. If you weren’t with us last night, be sure to read through to see if you were “volunteered” for a role in your absence. If your name is Karan, Ashton or Lora please send your intro including what you hope to accomplish with your speech and why (if you’re a speaker) to our Toastmaster, Shar at If your name is Shar, send your intro to our new President, Lora at

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