Meeting Minutes – 02.27.2020


That was the creative greeting we used in place of the traditional Toastmaster handshake and it seemed to set the tone for a great meeting last night in the Boardroom at Cross Campus. Azita Sachmechian was our Toastmaster and she presided over 2 terrific speeches and an innovative round of Table Topics questions. Sam Nazarian was speaker number one and he lead us through a fascinating history of synthesized music beginning with the dawn of the computer age. Some of his visuals of what we were working with back in 82 were amazing. How far we’ve come in the last 30 or 40 years. Shar McBee was up next and she used her time to practice a portion of her upcoming seminar “Leadership with a Twist of Yoga. She gave us insight into the flexible approach to success which included a much needed yoga exercise to relieve stress, improve our posture and help us chart our path to bigger and better things.

Alex Schams made his debut as Table Topics Master and it was like he had been leading that portion of the meeting all his life. The session included one of our guests, Marisol Zumaeta volunteering and making us all hungry when she gave a brief talk about the wonders of her grandmother’s Peruvian food. The final question required all of us to add a line or two to a story about a leprechaun who goes into a bar to get a pot of gold but somehow ends up being bitten by a cobra. You really had to be there.

All of that and Kevin Maggi became an official, dues paying member of the club. Welcome to Silicon Speech, Kevin!

Next week we’ll be holding our Speech Contest and following a different format. We still need to fill a few roles but here is a list of who’s doing what next week.

Steve Evans
Secretary / VP Education

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