Meeting Minutes – 02.20.2020

We had 2 terrific speeches, 2 insightful evaluations and some stellar Table Topics performances at last night’s Silicon Speech meeting. It was anything but a lugubrious hour in the cozy confines of Conference Room C at Cross Campus. President Len Kung kicked things off with a Pathways speech titled Mentoring a Protege which gave us some great tips on how to be the mentor we would all like to be. Dustin Guay was up next with a fascinating speech based on an episode of the Netflix show Shot in the Dark. He artfully described what amounted to a steel cage death match between a scorpion and a cute little grasshopper mouse. No spoilers here but the ending included a great message about life in general and a not so subtle reminder to watch where you step if you’re out in the desert in the middle of the night.

The speeches were followed by 2 thoughtful, constructive and supportive evaluations by Alex Schams and James Allen Hanrahan. Members who didn’t have a major speaking role got their opportunity to shine during Table Topics and they didn’t disappoint. I think the Table Topics portion of our upcoming speech contest could be quite competitive.

All that and Lauren Clayton became an official, dues paying member of the club. Welcome to Silicon Speech, Lauren!

Steve Evans
Secretary / VP Education

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