Meeting Minutes – 02.13.2020

Hi Everyone,

It was our big Valentine’s Day Eve meeting last night at Silicon Speech. Love was in the air and the Boardroom was definitely filled with hygge (you may have to look that one up if you weren’t with us). Karan Bavandi had a great Thought for the Day to kick things off, “Never too old. Never too late”. That’s a saying that could be on a T-shirt available at the Silicon Speech General Store. Speaking of such, Luis Hurtado has been working on said merchandising online outlet. Details, coming soon.

Our first speaker was Alex Schams who gave a tremendous speech about what could best be described as a very challenging week. In the immortal words of Nora Ephron, “Everything is copy” and his experience made for a terrific talk about the importance of reaching out, forgiveness and doing more of what you love. Alex was followed by relationship expert, James Allen Hanrahan with a speech about The 3 Rules of Love just in time for Valentines Day. Now you tell me. There are rules? If I had known, I may have been better at the game. The speeches were followed by two thoughtful and insightful evaluations by Len Kung and Sam Nazarian.

It was Jon Wald’s debut as Table Topics Master and he did a great job asking our participants (including our 3 guests) about their favorite recipes. We heard about everything from Sam’s take on how to make great hummus to Len’s description of the joys of oxtail stew. A few of these may make their way to Valentine’s Day dinners tonight. Speaking of guests, we were joined by Lauren, Meribel and Jeb last night. They dropped by to check out our meeting and we hope they’ll be back soon. All that and Victoria Morozova became an official member of the club last night. Welcome to Silicon Speech, Victoria!

Here’s our line-up for next week. As you can see, we still need a Back-up Speaker, Grammarian and a Thought for the Day. Please let me know if you would like to fill one of these roles and I’ll put you on the Agenda.

Steve Evans
Secretary / VP Education