Silicon Speech Toastmasters meeting Minutes #143

It was a small group last week with only 6 of us but that didn’t stop us from having fun and or from talking about insightful topics! Also, kudos to Kenzii for being toastmaster for the first time in-person and handling multiple roles.

Speaker Recap
Karan gave a philosophical speech about learning how to listen and practice mindfulness, and the power feelings have over our thoughts.
Shar workshopped a new speech she is developing for a future Ted talk about the joy of being you and the shift from getting to giving.
Not intentional but both speeches involved doing the warrior pose which is a yoga pose that helps tap into your inner power
Next Week’s Meeting: Thursday, August 10th @ 6:30pm Online

Next Week’s Line-Up: Be sure to read through to see if you were “volunteered” for a role in your absence. If your name is Karan, Lora or Kenzii, please send your intro including what you hope to accomplish with your speech and why (if you’re a speaker) to our Toastmaster, Steve at If your name is Steve, please send your intro to me at
Toastmaster – Steve Evans
Table Topics Master – Karan Bavandi
Speaker #1 – Lora Larson-Miller – Pathways TBD
Speaker #2 – Kenzii Graves – Pathways TBD
Chief Evaluator – Steve Evans
Evaluator #1 – Round Robin
Evaluator #2 – Round Robin
Timer – TBD
Grammarian – Danny
Ah Counter – Jolie
Thought for the Day – Shar McBee
Joke Master – Karan Bavandi

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