Silicon Speech Toastmasters Meeting #144

Last Thursday, we had 3 special guests! My father (who originally encouraged me to join Toastmasters) and step-mom Sigute joined to watch me deliver my Level 5 speech. Then Kenzii had her wonderful cousin Jolie join! All 3 guests were great sports and even participated in the table topics round.

Do you have a guest – friend, family member, co-worker – you’d like to join? Please let me know and we’ll add them to the calendar invite.

Speaker Recap
I gave my first Level 5 speech – develop your vision – where I spoke about the power that music has on people and how my passion project Music Club can help brands with a retail location to curate playlists to play in their store to create a positive shopping experience for their customers
For the 2nd speech, we watched the 2022 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking winner Cyril Junior Dim give an exquisite speech that was inspiring, touching and even had bits of humor. It demonstrated all the key things of a great speech and worth a watch or re-watch.
Next Week’s Meeting: Thursday, August 17th @ 6:30pm in person at The Cottage at 18th & Arizona (or online)

Next Week’s Line-Up: Be sure to read through to see if you were “volunteered” for a role in your absence. If your name is Lora, Kenzi or Karan, please send your intro including what you hope to accomplish with your speech and why (if you’re a speaker) to our Toastmaster, Shaun at If your name is Shaun, please send your intro to me at
Toastmaster – Shaun Shue
Table Topics Master – Lora Larson-Miller
Speaker #1 – Kenzii Graves – Pathways TBD
Speaker #2 – Karan Bavandi – TBD
Chief Evaluator – Shaun Shue
Evaluator #1 – Round Robin
Evaluator #2 – Round Robin
Timer – TBD
Grammarian – TBD
Ah Counter – TBD
Thought for the Day – David Molloy
Joke Master – Shar McBee

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