Meeting Minutes – 01.20.2022

Len Kung
Club Secretary

New Year, New Mee-ting! Silicon Speech is back!

President Steve opened our meeting by welcoming fellow members and guest Kate. Silicon Speech now starts at 5:55PM to fill in any gaps in our roles department and share pleasantries. 6:00PM is still our official start time.

Our Toastmaster was Durgaprasad. He did an amazing job by keeping us in line.

The Thought of the Day was Antonio. He chose a poem by Amanda Gorman, “The Miracle of Morning”.

The Joke Master was none other than yours truly. How many Apple engineers does it take to change a light bulb? None. They no longer make that socket. You just have to buy a new house!

The Timer was Lou. Excellently timed.

The Ah Counter was yours truly.

The Grammarian was Anwaya. She chose the word of the day, which was “Resolution”. What a fitting word for the New Year!

First Speaker was Shaun. His speech was titled “Full STEAM ahead”. Shaun presented lovely slides and graphs representing the missed opportunities for genders and minorities. STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

The lack of exposure and programs for certain groups is a travesty to our youth. Shaun has worked hard to make sure schools have the exposure so they can contribute and benefit from the ever so evolving tech world we live in. No child should be left behind. Here Here!

Thank you Shaun, for that enlightening speech!

Second Speaker was Blake. She could not make it due to technical difficulties. No worries, Steve’s got our backs. Steve presented a speech by Mark Bowden titled “Best Tips for Virtual Meetings” via YouTube. From raising your screen to eye level, good lighting, and remembering to “smile, you’re on camera”. Don’t forget, your background is a representation of your life. If you have family photos, nick knacks that you love. Go ahead and leave them be. It’s a reminder that you’re you, and these are the things that make you unique. Great choice of video Steve! Super beneficial to us all.

The Chief Evaluator was Karan.

First Evaluator was Lora. This was her first time evaluating and she did a splendid job!

The Table Topics Speaker was Rafael. Rafael gave us some brain tickling questions about the future.

What would an office look like in 20 years? Antonio would love it to be on an Island somewhere. Work life balance would be ideal.

What would cars look like in the future? Hema hopes the self-driving cars will be in full motion. Think calling a cab, but it’s automated? We don’t have to own cars? Is Hema the next Elon Musk? Why not! Fingers crossed.

Aliens? Kate hopes they can teach us some new technology.

What would the world look like in ten years? Karan thinks it’s not promising. But he’s hoping for a better future than we have now.

What will the movies look like in the next 10 years? Lou thinks it’s going to be shot completely in 3D, as in 3D modeling. I guess we need to figure out 3D popcorn too.

What would food look like in the future? Shar believes it’s going to be nutrient dense foods delivered to your door. Sounds like we’re almost there!

That’s all from me! We’re off to a great start. Big thanks to Kate for dropping by. Shaun gave an amazing presentation and resources to help our youth be more tech literate. Lora gave a wonderful and detailed evaluation. Durgaprasad ran the meeting like a pro. If all our meetings we’re this productive and entertaining, why go anywhere else? Talk about the best buy in town!

Winds are kicking, leaves are blowing, but Silicon Speech keeps on moving!

See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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