Meeting Minutes – 02.10.2022

Len Kung
Club Secretary

It’s a full house, at Silicon Speech!

President Steve opened the meeting by welcoming our guests Drake and Liz. Christine (Asst. Area Director A1) was also present. Christine brought forth news from the District. Here ye here ye! Get off your high horse, and take a leadership position. Here here!

Steve gave us a quick recap of our current goals. Presidents Distinguish, here we come! Steve also mentioned he will be away for a couple of meetings, due to a new baby boy in the world. Grandpa Steve has a nice ring to it. Mazel Tov!

Our Toastmaster of the night was Hema. Hema ran the meeting like a seasoned pro, because she is. Great job Hema!

The Joke Master was Shaun. Crossing the road to get to the next slide. Power-Point jokes never get old.

Thought of the day was by yours truly. “If you look at what you have in life, you’ll have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough. -Oprah Winfrey

The Ah Counter was Lou. All Ah’s and um’s were accounted for.

The Grammarian was Kenzii. She chose the word “beseech”.

First Speaker was Elizabeth. This was her Ice Breaker Speech. Elizabeth gave us an intimate peak into her journey of struggle. Migraines is something she suffered from at an early age. She’s learned to live with it but also tried some new techniques. Think homeopathic and meditation. Although life gave her a curveball, she’s not letting it take her down. Elizabeth has been proactive about her health and wellness. Her “Why not?” approach has led her to easing her affliction. Talk about a powerful speech! Bravo Elizabeth.

Second Speaker was Shar. Shar gave us a fun exercise. She asked us to write down what we really wanted, and break it down to “cannot control” and “can control”. We made a little list for both categories and completely obliterated the idea of procrastination. Procrastination is when someone doesn’t know what they want and where to start. Shar said “surrender what you can’t control”. Shar is truly the guiding light of inspiration.

The Chief Evaluator was Durgaprasad.

I Evaluated Elizabeth. What can I say, she’s a natural.

Li Evaluated Shar. Power and effective speech.

The Table Topics Speaker was Karan. Karan chose some interesting words to play with.

Hokey? If you look up Liz, you’ll find her lovely face.

Precocious? Drake thinks Rams player Matthew Stafford is precocious. His talents shone at an early age.

Kemera? Kenzii is hoping her strawberry purse will come from Etsy soon. She is waiting for it in the mail. She needs to match her dress! Fingers crossed Kenzii, Valentine’s day is only a couple days away.

Intractable? Shaun mentioned the ultra marathon. It was a 100 mile race, but he did 50 miles and it was intractable.

Profligate? Lou thinks War is the most useless use of money. Wasteful.

Obsequious? Christine has not seen many obsequious people in the political arena lately. There are no compliments going around.

That is it for me! Big thanks to Christine, Liz and Drake for dropping by. Hema does not like kittens, but that’s okay by us. Shar and Elizabeth gave powerful speeches. As always, we had a fun and engaging meeting filled with insightful new words.

Sun is beaming, so take your special someone on a hot date!

See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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