Meeting Minutes – 10.28.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

It’s a packed house! at Silicon Speech.

President Steve gave a warm welcome to our guests Shaun and Jeff. We are glad to hear that the app Meetup and time slot is much desired. If you’re looking for a happy hour on Thursday nights, well you came to the right place!

On with the show!

The Toastmaster was Karan. Karan led us to a smooth meeting.

The Ah Counter was Shar. All fillers were counted and noted. Great job Shar.

The Grammarian was Lou. Lou chose the word “eloquent”. It means to be articulate, fluent, or well spoken.

The Timer was also Lou.

The Chief Evaluator was Li.

First Speaker was Blake. The title of her speech was “Safety First”. Blake gave us some insight on the recent incident which led to a fatal shooting on the set of “Rust”. Blake’s many years in the entertainment industry gave us an intimate look into the “behind the scenes”. With the recent union strikes combined with low budget productions have led to short cuts. Sadly, perhaps this could have been prevented. Blake mentioned that movie making has been a subject of safety concerns for some time. Hopefully this tragic event will shine light to better working conditions in the future. That was a truly heartfelt speech. Great job!

Second speaker was Kenzii. Have you ever been on a plane? Well that announcement prior to flight of applying your mask first before you help another, applies to Kenzii very well. Kenzii has spent a big part of her life helping others. She even made that her career. At times she’s found herself not being able to groom because of how dedicated she is to others. She’s found herself exhausted and realized you need to take care of yourself first. Selfcare is definitely a priority. Chop those cucumbers and fill up that tub. Spa day is calling! Thank you for reminding us! Great speech Kenzii!

I Evaluated Blake. She gave us some personal stories that were timely and unique views only an insider can know. Loved every minute of it.

Steve Evaluated Kenzii. Steve loved the topic and call to action. Great Speech Kenzii!

The Table Topics Speaker was Li. Li shared his screen with odd products he found on Amazon.

Cat licker comb? Shaun thinks this a great bonding tool for your cat. Shaun does not have a cat at the moment, so not so useful.

Ziplock bags with bug print? Blake thinks it’s a great idea. Scaring people is not her thing, but certain people she’d like to give this a try.

On the can golf? Rafael wonders how this went into production. Manufacturing this was certainly a waste of time. But somehow, here it is.

Cat in the box? Antonio thinks this a great decoration. In terms of usefulness? Coins may not be in use in the near future.

Cup holder for fries? This product speaks to Jeff. For someone who will eat an entire box before he gets home. This may or may not be useful to Jeff. The fact that it’s sold out at the moment, Jeff is sad.

That’s all from me! Big welcome to Shaun and Jeff. We hope you enjoyed your time with us and join our cozy little group. A big round of applause to Miray and Antonio, our new members! Blake and Kenzii gave us insightful speeches. Thank you to everyone who attended Silicon Speech. Time is precious, so thank you for spending a portion of it with us.

Los Angeles “fall” weather is kicking off! It’s light sweaters and shorts time!

See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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