Meeting Minutes – 10.14.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Silicon Speech is back at it again!

President Steve opened the meeting right on time! He welcomed fellow members and guest Miray. Miray was in search of a Toastmaster group that fit her schedule. We are happy to have her. Don’t forget to recommend your friends and family that would like to improve their extemporaneous speaking skills. Guests are always welcomed!

Don’t forget, Dues are due!

Dues for the next term (6 months through March 31) will be only $60.00. Just $60.00 for what we call The Best Buy in Self-Improvement! Dues can be paid to our interim club Treasurer, me, Steve Evans with cash, check or other electronic payment methods including the following:

  • Paypal –
  • Venmo – @Steven-Evans-92

If you are a guest and would like to become a member, click on Become a Member on the Silicon Speech website – Fill out and scan the Membership Application then send it to our VP of Membership, Blake Bolger at You will then need to pay your dues and the one-time set-up fee to our interim club Treasurer, me, Steve Evans with cash, check or the other electronic payment methods mentioned above.

I was the Joke Master. Getting paid a decent celery is too much to ask.

The Thought of the Day was Ananta.

The Timer was Rafael.

Ah counter was Li.

The Grammar was Kenzii. She chose the word of the day, which was “ethereal”. It means delicate, and light.

First Speaker was Ananta. Ananta gave an amazing speech about productivity. Walking into another room and forgetting why you were there? It happens to the best of us. Imagine your focus as a glowing blue orb. When your attention drifts off, you will be aware of it. Great tips Ananta!

Second Speaker was Karan. LinkedIn as your Icebreaker? If you haven’t already. Complete your Icebreaker Speech. It will help you with the Toastmaster project and assist you in your LinkedIn Profile. What a way to start off your personal page! Very informative speech Karan!

Shar was our Table Topics Speaker for the evening. She gave some great quotes and asked us for our interpretation of it.

Lou– Computers have an undo button, life does not.

Li– Creative Ideas can’t be reached by AI.

Rafael– If GM kept up with Tech? Perhaps reusable cars are not a good idea.

Miray– Compassion can’t be produced by AI.

Kenzii– Good tech is magic.

Matthew– Nobody wants to do the work unless it needs to be done.

Not only did everyone participate, but we received some fun answers. All in all, we had a blast!

That’s all from me. Thank you to Miray for dropping by. Thank you to everyone who spent their valuable time with us. Ananta and Karan gave insightful speeches. Shar shared some brain tingling questions and kept us on our toes. Thank you Shar.

Temperatures are low, but Silicon Speech keeps things warm and cozy.

See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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