Meeting Minutes – 08.19.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Guests are the best, at Silicon Speech!

President Steve gave us a warm welcome. He welcomed our many guests including Brian, Michael, Joelle, Mikey and Assistant Area Director, Christine. As our new term is in full swing, Christine inducted the officers in their new roles. Silicon Speech officers have been knighted.

The Joke Master was Shar. A human brain is always working, except when you stand to give a speech.

The Thought of the Day was by Lady me. “A lawn is under totalitarian rule”, Michael Pollen.

The Toastmaster was Sir Lou.

The Grammarian was Ananta. The word he chose was “acumen”. The ability to make quick decisions.

Timer was Michael. He’s an expert in his field.

The Ah counter was by Sir Li.

I was your Lady Chief Evaluator.

First Speaker was Sir Steve. Sir Steve gave us the gift of “How to Write a Speech Quickly”. As you know, Silicon Speech is a learning tool to improve our speaking skills. In order to do that, it takes practice. Steve gave examples of brown carpet to be a great topic. Give some examples of why it’s a good choice. The variety of color ranges to choose from. And the functionality of it. Brown carpet can be your best friend. I will never look at brown carpet the same way again. Thanks Sir Steve.

Second Speaker was Sharlene. Sharlene is working on her presentation mastery in pathways. Sharlene took us down the fire pepper road. She was inspired by a little show called “Hot Ones”. Over quarantine she’s been exploring ways to spice up wings. This led her down the rabbit hole of different types of spices. From the benefits it poses, to different regions of the world that use the spice. You can’t go wrong for adding spice to your life! Except for the Carolina Reaper. You might need 911 on the speed dial for that one. Spicy speech Sharlene! Love it!

Sir Steve was Evaluated by Lauren, Christine and Shar. Consensus says, brown carpet is a nay. But everyone loved the tips and tricks to creating a speech.

Jed evaluated Sharlene. The speech was informative and a spicy one. Applause all around.

Hema was our Table Topics Speaker for the night.

Something you do that some may consider crazy? Michael scans old music magazines. It’s driving his wife crazy.

Brian’s life would be an action movie. He’s traveled the world and speaks multiple languages. He also enjoys his martini’s shaken, not stirred.

Celebrity crush? Kenzii is a big fan of Willem Defoe. You can say Defoe is her Beau.

Mikey would love to fund organizations she feels needs the help.

That’s all from me! Big thank you to all our guests. Thank you Christine for knighting our fellow officers. Hema gave us some challenging questions. Sharlene’s spicy speech and Steve bestowed some useful tools to get us on our path to better speaking. Applause to you all.

Brush off light sweaters, because winter just decided to make an early appearance!

See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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