Meeting Minutes – 08.13.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Happy hour at Silicon Speech!

Our fearless leader and President Steve is back. He welcomed members and guests. Christine joined us as our newly appointed Assistant Area 1 Director. She reminded our officers to get their training completed.

Steve also mentioned our mentorship program. We are here to improve our speaking skills and sales pitches. Please contact Steve for more information.

We have a new member alert! Ananta has joined Silicon Speech! Evenings for us and mornings for him. Ananta is joining us from another part of the world. Talk about the world wide web! We are ecstatic to have you as a member!

I was the Joke Master. If a police asks, where did that computer hacker go? He must have ransomware.

Thought of the day was Rafael. As we get older, at least we can say “I tried”.

Yours truly was the Toastmaster for the evening. Yay me!

Timer was Rafael. He even timed himself. Nailed it!

First time Ah Counter was Ananta. Great work!

Grammarian was Li. He chose the word of the day which was “verily”. It means a true principle of belief.

First speaker was Karan. Karan spoke about the importance of curation. It’s in all aspects of our lives. We are bombarded by information and unless you have a photographic memory, it’s difficult to recall something on your computing system. Bookmarks are only as good as why you saved a link. Karan is hoping to solve this issue. Great speech Karan. Noted!

Second speaker was Hema. Hema is completing her level one in her pathways. Her speech was about neurotechnology. Hema is fascinated by the advancements of tech, specifically neurological. Not only did she introduce us to the many new products coming out that will help us tap into unused potential in our brains. She gave us a map of our brains and all its functions. Talk about a crash course into medical school. Informative speech Hema. Great job!

Sharlene was our Chief Evaluator. She masterfully executed the role.

Shar evaluated Karan. Shar loved the functions that Karan is producing.

Steve evaluated Hema. Steve is in awe of the new tech that we will be seeing in the near future.

The Table Topics Speaker was Jed.

Why would Lou be the best James Bond? His killer British accent and his ability to tie a bow tie.

Why is UCLA so great? Perhaps Shar sporting a UCLA hat can answer that question. Because of the amazing people who studied there and basketball.

Rafael goes to the DMV for meditative purposes. No internet, long lines. That’s all you can do. I second that.

Sharlene does not think we are our greatest enemies. Being optimistic can get us out of a rut any day.

Li listens to podcasts about software and has learned a lot from it.

That’s all from me. Thank you to everyone who dropped in. Big welcome to Ananta. I’m sure you will get a lot of Silicon Speech. Jed did an amazing job at Table Topics. It’s always nice to see Christine’s smiling face.

Last days of summer are upon us. Bye bye mosquitoes!

See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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