Meeting Minutes – 07.15.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

It was a fun one! At Silicon Speech.

President Steve opened with a warm welcome. We didn’t have any guests dropping in so the meeting went off without a hitch. Steve mentioned that TLI is this Saturday. If you took on an officer role, please pop in and get your training completed. Don’t forget to register at the Toastmaster website if you haven’t received an invite.

Steve, Lou and I will also be presenting at the TLI. Steve put together a seminar titled “How to rebuild a Toastmasters Club”. What we did right and what mistakes were made. Come and find out what or who those reasons were!

Li had jokes as our Joke Master. He chose a barrage of ice cream jokes. Anything to keep us cool.

Thought of the Day was by Lou. Time flies, but you’re the pilot.

Toastmaster was Sharlene. She did an amazing job hosting the meeting. We also learned a little bit about her in her intro. She is the best neighbor you can have. Move over Mr. Rogers! Sharlene will find your missing mail and dog.

Lou was Ah Counter. Not a lot to count because everyone was perfect! Or he forgot.

I was Grammarian. I chose the word of the day which was “inveigle”. It means to persuade by flattery or deception.

First and only Speaker was Andy. His speech was titled “Mentoring the Mentor”. Andy’s search to grow made him realize friends were very important. A friend mentioned that no matter how hard you try, someone will always surpass you. Proximity is Power. Working with mentors gave him the skill and ability to thrive in his career. Learning by teaching is a powerful tool. Insightful speech!

Karan evaluated Andy. Great delivery, great stance and confidence.

Steve was our extended Table Topics Speaker. Since we didn’t have a second speaker, we played the ‘elevator pitch’ role playing game.

Karan was interviewed by Alex. Karan persuaded Alex to take on his pitch to curate news relevant to them. Only $25 a month.

Shar persuaded Sharlene to use her leadership seminar for Red Bull.

Sharlene persuaded me to take on her accessory business for my company. Accessories for busy moms? Let’s talk!

Lou is the head winemaker and would like Alex to talk more about his finance expertise. Lou would like to retire with his own winery someday. Sounds like Alex is right up his alley.

Li complimented the CEO (Karan) on his tee shirt. It happens to have the logo of the company Li is interested in working on. Flattery will get you anywhere.

Andy asked Shar about her golfing skills. Shar’s company may be interested in a fun train whistle. It has her company logo and quote on it already. Great sales tactic.

Lou asked if Sharlene liked food. Surprise, she does! How about a party that revolves around food and parties. Love it!

I asked Alex if I can offer my services to his big name Pet care website. Local dog training and walking services are my trade. Looks like something he may be interested in. Yay!

Shar was our Chief Evaluator. She loved the laughter after a busy day. She also shared some great tips on preparing for a real elevator pitch when that day comes.

That’s all from me. Big round of applause to Sharlene for her first time role as Toastmaster. She did a spectacular job. TLI is this Saturday. Don’t forget to check that out.

It’s been a fun and warm one. Have a great week. See you next time!

Now, here’s the agenda for next week:

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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