Meeting Minutes – 07.22.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

The show must go on, at Silicon Speech!

Our fearless leader President Steve will be out for a couple of weeks. No fear here, VPPR Lou took the reins as Acting President.

First off, Lou gave us a warm welcome and since we didn’t have any guests attending. It was a Zoom room filled with seasoned members.

Sharlene was the Jokemaster. Now we know how sushi greet each other. Wassa B!

Andy was our thought of the day. Right or wrong, you are right. Thank you Mr. Ford.

Former President Alex was our Toastmaster. He elegantly introduced our functionaries for the night.

Jed was the Timer. Talk about stepping up to the plate.

Ah counter was Shar. We kept her role interesting.

Sharlene was Grammarian. She chose the word of the day which was “uncouth”. A person or appearance lacking manners, refinement or grace

First speaker was Blake. Blake gave her origin story of how she started her career in Special Effects. She took us down memory lane and a chance encounter with a certain Special Effects producer that changed her life. With persistence and plenty of annoyance, this producer invited her to the studio even though he was hesitant. After 20 years, he is still her mentor and friend. If that story was not epic, I don’t know what it is. Great speech Blake!

Second speaker was Karan. Karan gave us a presentation on Content Marketing. He shared his screen with glorious slides. Reach and frequency is key. Karan also mentions Thought Leadership and News Curating. He showed us the tools to expand our business to audiences and better target them. Very informative speech Karan!

Shar was our Chief Evaluator.

I evaluated Blake. Her story of persistence was truly remarkable. Always love hearing the gory details. Love it!

Li evaluated Karan. Li mentioned the clear and conciseness of the speech. Thorough work Li!

The Table Topics Speaker was Lou.

Jaclyn was so close to becoming a Theme Park Designer. Not much different from her entrepreneurship in her current life.

Kenzii’s favorite author is T.H. White. He wrote “The Once and Future King”. She loved the metaphors and adored the relationship between the characters.

If Li wanted to get fired? Well it’s difficult because employment has become hard to come by these days.

Jed loved “The funnies”. Which was Calvin and Hobbs. He also loved GI Joe.

Andy would write a book about his business experiences. He actually started last year and that’s why he stopped.

Shar’s super villain is division. She mentioned that the word Devil means to divide. Inclusion not exclusion. Love it!

If Sharlene was the boss, she would be prepared and kind.

If Alex wanted to get fired? As a financial adviser, there are tons of ways to get fired. Most of his time is spent on being compliant. Let’s just say, Silicon Speech will go on a nice vacation and be accomplices. YOLO!

That’s all from me. We had a great meeting. Special thanks to Lou for stepping up as acting President. Big thanks to Sharlene as a first time Grammarian, and everyone who attended and made Silicon Speech the best in the world!

All that talk about alcohol and vacation has put me in the mood for a staycation.

Break out the lawn chairs and fill up my cup! Party of three please!
See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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