Meeting Minutes – 06.24.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

A special night at Silicon Speech!

President Alex kicked things off by welcoming us. Tonight was his last night as president due to the Toastmasters Year coming to a close. A lot has changed in the world and our club. As the world opens up to a new tomorrow, Silicon Speech will always have a friendly face.

Breaking news! Our fearless leader Steve has taken another trip around the moon. Today we celebrate the day Steve was welcomed into the world. Happy Birthday Steve!

I was your Joke Master. Which is tastier, Moon or earth rocks? The one that is meteor.

Thought of the Day was Li. Li talked about an old Chinese story which reminded us that there is always a silver lining when bad things happen.

The Toastmaster was Jaclyn. She was a smooth operator when conducting the meeting.

First speaker was President Alex. Alex completed his level 3 in pathways. His speech titled “Roth IRA”. As a financial planner, Alex has been educating his clients on saving for retirement. He gave us the low down on the benefits of having a Roth IRA. Bottom line? “It’s not about what you make, it’s what you keep”. Love it!

Second speaker Karan. Karan’s topic was on “recognizing progress and fighting against regression”. Life moves forward or it regresses. Change is constant. Science fiction becomes fact in the future. Great speech Karan!

Evaluations for Alex were a round robin. Lots of positive feedback.

Sharlene evaluated Karan. Very insightful speech.

The Table Topics Speaker was Shar. She chose the theme “Change”.

Steve says change is happening now. Our past year has been a “hell in a handbasket”. But the future looks bright.

Andy is preparing for change by allowing it. Good or bad. Change is going to happen.

Lou said change in the financial system is great. Crypto’s transactions are a lot faster thanks to visionaries. Technology is catching up!

Rafael had something go wrong at work many years ago, but it’s a healthy life lesson.

Jodi does one thing that scares her everyday. Sit ups! It’s a daily struggle, but next summer is going to look good.

That’s all from me. Thank you to all our officers who served. Welcome to our new officer team. Please consider taking a position. It takes a team to make the dream work! Silicon Speech is nothing without its members. Be a mentor, be a mentee, be an officer, take a path, it’s all helpful to keep this club going.

It’s a nice day to swat some bugs off the porch! Have a great week. See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary

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