Meeting Minutes – 06.03.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

June has bloomed with laughter at Silicon Speech!

President Alex opened the meeting by giving us a warm welcome. We had a special returning guest named, Otto. Otto was a member in the “before times” and decided to make a zoom appearance. Welcome back, Otto!

Alex went over some updates with the club. First up, we are two goals away from being President’s Distinguished. Congratulations to Evan for completing level 1 in his pathways. I can almost taste victory! Secondly, re-election is at the end of June. So if there’s an officer role you have an eye out for? You have all month to sleep on it. Lastly, We are also having a mentorship program. If you would like to be a mentor or a mentee, please reach out to Steve.

Breaking news! We have a new official member to the club by the name of Jodi! Welcome aboard! Silicon Speech is lucky to have you.

Jokemaster was none other than yours truly. Bring your bowls because stocks are hot and ready to serve!

Thought of the Day was by President Alex. Alex gave us some real life experience of not burning any bridges. Sometimes that helping hand will come from the past. Great advice!

The Toastmaster for the evening was Hema. She did a splendid job ushering us along the meeting. Thanks Hema!

Timer was Blake on Armando’s behalf. Thank you Blake for stepping up to the plate.

Ah counter was Li. No ah or um was left uncounted. Thank you Li.

Steve was our Grammarian. He chose the word of the day, which was “Panache”. It means flamboyance or confidence flare.

First speaker was Evan. Evan gave a riveting speech titled “How to negotiate and not fail”. Negotiation is something we use in our everyday lives. Evan mentioned Christopher Voss, who is the author of “Never Split the Difference” and renowned hostage negotiator. Evan brushed up his skills for his recent work negotiation. He shared some tips and tricks so both parties will walk away happy. Talk about a speech performed with panache!

Second speaker was Sarah. Sarah performed her Ice Breaker speech titled “About Sarah”. We got to know a little more about Sarah and her many travels over her upbringing. She came to toastmasters to build confidence and improve her speaking skills. Her travels inspired her to know more about personality traits. Sarah took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and is getting to know the world around her and little better. Thank you Sarah for sharing a little bit about yourself with us. We can’t wait to hear more!

Alex evaluated Evan on Lauren’s behalf. Alex started off by talking with his hands and then went on with his words. Alex loved the informative topic and the professional attire.

Karan evaluated Sarah. Karan appreciated the awesome cadence and confidence in Sarah’s speech. We all agree!

The Table Topics Speaker was Shar. Shar surprised us with a barrage of jokes to lead us into our questions.

What would Rafael do if he got a depresso? Well, he’ll drink tea instead.

Kenzii does like her eggs Uber easy. Just not overly mixed like her Uber ride. This particular Uber shared some not so pleasant music choices. She recalls the DJ as Disco Evans. I hope it’s not the Evans we know oh so well. I’m sure our Disco Evans has great taste in music.

Interesting encounters in the ocean? Jodi luckily ran into a friendly sea turtle and not a shark.

Farting at an Apple store can be dangerous without windows. After years of flip flopping on computer brands, Otto would prefer not to spend the extra dough on products missing some basic ports. Great answer.

Evolution is inevitable, but why so many upgrades? Jaclyn thinks it’s a great sales tactic. Up the sales to up the price. Unless you’re a true penny pincher, some upgrades are necessary. Need three more inches of foot space on your flight? Sold!

Andy took on an Uber gig many years ago. Prior to Uber’s food delivery service, Andy was asked to drop off a bag to another location. Little did he know, he just delivered a big bag of sugar or so he thought. Talk about a heroine’s experience.

Chief Evaluator Lou loved my beefy joke, Kenzii’s DJ Uber and Andy’s playlist from DJ Witness to a Crime.

That’s all from me. Special thanks to Otto for dropping by. Welcome Jodi, we’re so happy to have you. Sarah’s ice breaker was phenomenal and Evan’s speech gave us all some tips and tricks to a tactful negotiation to get out of dishwashing.

Weather you like it or not. Summer is in full swing! Roll out those lawn chairs and throw another shrimp on the barby. It’s toasty over here at Toastmasters. See you next time!

Now, here’s the agenda for next week!

Len Kung
Club Secretary