Meeting Minutes – 05.27.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

It was a fun one! I heard.

Luis and myself sadly could not attend this meeting. Steve took on a few extra roles. Luis was saluted for finishing Level 4 in Pathways and propelling the club to Select Distinguished status after completing 7 of 10 DCP goals! We have only 2 more goals to go to achieve Presidents Distinguished and we’re on track to do just that!

After jokes and a Thought of the Day, President Alex introduced our Toastmaster for the night, Lauren. Lauren conducted the meeting with polish and panache keeping the train on the tracks for the full 60 minutes.

Our first speaker of the night was Andy with a speech entitled, “Our Sailing Boat Earth”. The speech began by looking ahead to the year 2090 and included some striking visuals. Andy presented 2 visions of what that year could look like depending on how we behave today. It was a sobering look at the future and our responsibility to make it a bright one.

Hema was up next with her second speech in the Evaluation and Feedback project. It was evident that she took the evaluation of the first speech to heart and delivered a well-organized, insightful look at how to be a great project manager or PM as they’re known in the trade. It included valuable information for everyone either in or out of the tech world. As Shar said in her evaluation, it’s amazing how quickly she’s improving.

Armando then took to the digital stage as the night’s Chief Evaluator. He introduced Li to evaluate Andy’s speech and the aforementioned Shar to evaluate Hema’s speech. Both gave insightful looks at each speaker’s performance and supportive advice on how they can improve next time which is what we’re all attempting to do.

Karan was our Table Topics Speaker and he had interesting, philosophical questions which elicited some very interesting and profound answers. As usual, we learned a few things.

Alex reminded everyone to take a moment and take care of yourself, first. It’s always a great idea to take time to smell the roses and make your personal health a top priority.

Steve reflected on how precious time is regardless of how old you are. Every moment of life we’re given is a gift and we need to focus on all the wonderful things life has to offer if we’re going to live it well.

Sarah believes the most important aspect of our country is our diversity and pointed out what an amazing resource this is. Our people with their diverse backgrounds and different perspectives have always been one our greatest strengths.

Kenzii reminded us how the borders we put up in our minds often limit what we think we can do. She used her Toastmaster experience and overcoming her fear of public speaking as an example of what she personally has been able to accomplish by removing these barriers.

Shar doesn’t do well alone. She has always found that if she can team up with someone, magic happens. Great advice for us all.

Armando came across a great quote written in chalk on a sidewalk which, by the way, could be a potential Thought of the Day. It was this, “Do your best and let God do the rest”. That seemed to be a great way to wrap up this portion of the meeting.

All in all, it was a great night and as we say, “It was a fun one!”

Now, here’s the agenda for next week:
  • Toastmaster – Hema
  • Table Topics Master – Shar
  • Speaker #1 – Evan
  • Speaker #2 – Sarah (Ice Breaker)
  • Chief Evaluator – Luis
  • Evaluator #1 – Lauren
  • Evaluator #2 – Karan
  • Timer – Armando
  • Grammarian – Steve
  • Ah Counter – Li
  • Thought for the Day – Alex
  • Joke Master – Len
Len Kung
Club Secretary

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