Meeting Minutes – 05.06.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

A lovely night filled with lovely people at Silicon Speech.

President Alex made his best efforts to join the zoom, but his computer had other plans. Sometimes technology can be fickle.

Vice President Steve took over and welcomed some honored guests. Which included Sara, Kevin and Sharlene.

Breaking news! Sharlene is no longer a guest, but a member! We are honored to have you in your group. Let’s all learn and grow together. Like desert flowers, those that persist, will grow. Thank you Sharlene for choosing us to grow with.

Steve has made good on his threat to roll out the Mentorship program. For those who would like to be a mentor or a mentee. Please look out for Steve’s email with details. If you have further questions, please reach out to Steve.

Yours truly was Joke Master. I wanted to make a joke about the big divorce between Bill and Melinda Gates, but I thought it was too PC.

Luis gave a very insightful thought as our Thought of the Day. Walk your worries away and to better your health and mind. Touching thoughts for your fellow thoughtful walkers. Thank you former first-laddie Lou.

Toastmaster was Andy. First time Toastmaster of ceremony, but definitely not his last. Andy did an amazing job leading us to a well structured meeting. Andy also chose a theme for the evening, which was “gratitude”. Right on Andy!

Timer was none other than myself.

Grammarian was brought to you by Luis. Luis chose the word of the day, which was “amicable”. Bill and Melinda Gates knew the divorce was coming. The separation was amicable. Maybe the theme of the day should have been about Bill Gates.

Karan counted our Ah’s and Um’s as our Ah Counter.

First and only speaker of the night was Armando. Armando gave his feedback speech in pathways. His speech was entitled “A Grim Tale”. Armando enchanted us with a tale from Brothers Grimm. He talked about a particular story called “The Spinners”. His tales were, well, grim compared to Disney. But that’s where Disney got his inspiration for his many stories. The take away to this tale is to never forget those who helped you along the way. This time around, Armando gave a polished version of his first speech. It’s always a delight to hear a seasoned speaker like Armando speak. Great job Armando!

Hema evaluated Armando’s speech. Hema noticed much improvement from the last speech and she loved the takeaway message. Thank you Hema!

Shar was our Table Topics Speaker. She chose the theme “happy”. Shar had a series of not so delightful events occur recently, but she won’t let that interfere with her happiness. That’s the spirit Shar!

Karan’s elevator speech will depend on what he’s pitching. A proposal of funds for venture capital. Or a proposal for a date? One of those pitches will be a lot shorter.

Sharlene’s most interesting thing about her job? Being a mom is the biggest job one can have. Over the course of the pandemic. Sharlene got to know her two daughters really well. Watching them grow has been her biggest joy, and a privilege.

Hema’s best skill and why is it valuable? Hema is the family Guru. Finding answers and solutions for her family makes her and her family happy.

Luis’s best boss was his first boss. One day Luis deleted 500 videos (by accident). This was in the archaic times, so he had to upload all 500 of those videos over the course of the weekend. His boss said, “We’re not saving lives, we work in entertainment”. Shout out to Josh!

Kevin is in the commercial real estate business. The best part of his business is making connections with people and fulfilling their needs.

Sara’s happiest day at work? It was her last day at her first job. It was bittersweet. She was very happy about leaving all that work behind and would miss the relationships she was leaving behind. She knew she would form new bonds at the next. C’est la vie.

Li’s path to success? Building a skill set, keep learning and teaching others. Great advice.

What skills do I find valuable? Journeying over the quarantine has not only been my therapy, but has helped me blossom into my love for writing. The idea that someday I will be ready to share that with the world, well, I’ll be very happy. Currently, producing these meeting minutes for anyone to read has been a joy.

Steve is proud of his product. Steve is the founder of “The Sport of Speech”. Steve has been expanding his audience and trying new things to help us overcome our fear of public speaking. Radio DJ, Showtime Sales Director, what can’t Steve do? Check out his site!

Andy’s happiest day at work? After college he worked at a warehouse. Not his first choice, but he loved the full control of the space. Over time, he learned and was mentored by the owner. This led to success later in life.

Armando’s path to success? He agrees with Li about giving back. It’s essential. Volunteering at the Veterans Association pre-pandemic and occasionally volunteering to read to children has given Armando great joy.

Shar mentioned that volunteering has gotten her many jobs. Jobs that she loved because she enjoyed the people and energy. Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life. Great tips Shar!

That’s all from me. Special thanks to guests Sara, Kevin and new member Sharlene! We have an exciting meeting filled with happiness and positive energy. Thank you Shar and Andy for those uplifting themes. Our meeting was more than amicable.

Have a wonder week. See you next week!

Len Kung
Club Secretary