Meeting Minutes – 04.30.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Greetings fellow Toastmasters and honored guests!

A warm welcome from Silicon Speech!

As the days get hotter, Silicon Speech is cool as a cucumber.

President Alex opened our meeting by greeting our fellow Toastmasters. We did not have any honored guests this time around, so we got cozy.

Our jokemaster was Karan. Albert Einstein is so famous for his speeches, even his “driver” can answer the most difficult questions.

Kenzii enlightened us with a thought. “Do whatever brings you to life, then follow your own obsessions. Trust them and start a revolution in your heart.” “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Love this!

Yours truly facilitated the meeting as Toastmaster.

Evan was Grammarian. Evan chose the word of the day, which was “Herald”. Not a person, but a verb. It means to give notice, or announce. Yes, this word was used quite a bit.

Li filled in as our Timer for the evening.

Karan meticulously counted our Ah’s and um’s as our Ah Counter.

First Speaker was Jaclyn. Jaclyn presented her “Research and Presenting” speech in her pathways. Jaclyn is working on her product line and is conducting a market analysis for it. She talked about the various subjects she researched. Target audience, demographic and market size. She went into detail about things to consider when starting a new business. Very informative and a topic much needed for all of us entrepreneurs. Awesome speech Jaclyn!

Second Speaker of the evening was Andy. Andy is a coach and leader that takes pride in his knowledge of leadership. He guides those in need and shares the many experiences he had encountered. Steve being mentioned as one of them. Andy explored the various styles of leadership and how they are everywhere and we possess that power as well. Thank you Andy, for that insightful speech.

Armando joined us from his vacation home on the Moon, as Chief Evaluator.

Alex evaluated Jaclyn and said it was challenging to critique. He’s right!

Steve evaluated Andy. Steve enjoyed the exploration of an effective leader. Some facial lighting is also a must, and Andy is well on his way.

Hema was our Table Topics Speaker. She chose the theme “Growth”. After a recent road trip with her family, she beta tested these questions on her children. “Forced Bonding or family time, whatever you want to call it”. Hema’s words, not mine.

She got some great responses from them. This was Hema’s first time as Table Topics Speaker. Your questions were thoughtful and challenging. Excellent job Hema!

Armando really wants freedom and liberty. After researching about the California Condors, Armando made a road trip to see them in their natural habitat. This experience gave Armando the sense of happiness. Talk about free as a bird.

Kenzii’s biggest fear is sheep? I mean if that sheep can teleport, it’s very likely demonic. I would be fearful too. Maybe someday Kenzii can face her fear head on. Not literally of course. Those sheep are trained for battle.

What is Shar willing to sacrifice? Shar’s quarantine fifteen will take more will to budge. You can do it Shar! TV can wait.

Rafael learned to be okay with change. Accepting change this past year has been difficult, but now he’s more open to it.

Luis would love to be a famous artist. But fame itself will be one of his fears. No privacy and walking on eggshells at every step does not sound like fun. Fame without being famous if possible.

Evan’s mentor is his older brother. When he needs advice, big bro to the rescue. It helps that he’s in the financial industry as well.

Alex stepping out of his comfort zone? Well, Alex is pretty comfortable being uncomfortable. His work as a financial advisor has put him in some awkward positions. Soon to be a married couple not knowing about each other’s financial status? Yikes! Talk about an uncomfortable situation. No worries, Alex is a professional.

That’s all from me. Special thanks to Hema’s Table Topics questions. Not only did we get to know one another a little better, but those questions kept us on our toes. Thank you to all who attended and made the trek down to Silicon Speech.

Dust off those flip flops! Spring has heralded the heat! Enjoy your week.

Now, here’s the Agenda for next week

Len Kung
Club Secretary