Meeting Minutes – 05.13.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

It was a packed zoom room at Silicon Speech!

President Alex was out for the night, but never fear, Vice President Steve is here. We had some honored guests drop by. Guests included Colin, Sara and special guest Area 1 director Carla. Always a pleasure. Returning guest Seju made an appearance. This time in the virtual setting. Welcome back Seju!

A couple of announcements are in order. Steve mentioned that Blake has completed her level one in Pathways. Yay! Silicon Speech is on it’s way to becoming Presidents Distinguished. Please check your Pathways to see what’s next in your goal. We are here to help.

We also have a new official member. Welcome to the club Sharlene. Thank you for choosing Silicon Speech to practice your extemporaneous skills. Silicon Speech is the best buy in self improvement. Words from a two time Toastmaster Speech contest winner (Steve).

Joke master Andy joined us from the shadows. Andy may have given away Forrest Gump’s password. He also made a threat to track down his coffee cup. You have my word.

Thought of the day was brought to you by Shar. Shar left an amazing opportunity to wash dishes in India some time ago. It was a bold move, but it felt right. Shar challenged us to be bold. Be as bold as Shar? That’s up to you.

Toastmaster is also a jack of all trades, Steve.

Shar was our bold Ah counter.

Timer was Armando.

Grammarian was Luis. Luis chose the word of the day, which was “Conciliatory.” It means intended or likely to placate or pacify.

The Chief Evaluator was myself.

First speaker of the night was Hema. Hema examined the topic of “What Makes a Good Project Manager Great.” Hema took us on a deep dive into the world of leadership. PM’s have a lot on their plates but trust is one of them. She gave us a detailed view on what a product is in the tech world. Hema delivered her speech with grace and poise. Thank you Hema, for that insightful speech!

Second speaker of the night was Rafael. Rafael is working on his Presentation Mastery Path in Pathways. Rafael asked the big question, who’s planning on buying a car this year? Well, Rafael did and he’s ecstatic about it. It’s a renewable energy car. Look no further, the Toyota Mirai may be the best buy in that category. With all it’s rebates, you may save way more money than you think. Only downfall is that the charging stations are only located in California, for now. Rafael showed us some sweet slides and walked us through his many avenues of savings for this car. Thank you Rafael, I think I have to look into this amazing deal!

I evaluated Hema’s speech. Hema went the extra mile and had a slide as her background showcasing her topic. She has clearly given a million presentations because she exhibits confidence and grace.

Li evaluated Rafael’s speech. Li loved the questions in the beginning of the speech. It’s very engaging. Not only was the speech persuasive, but informative.

The Table Topics Speaker was Karan. Karan chose a different approach this time around. He gave some famous quotes and asked us what it meant to them. Genius!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t. You are right” -Henry Ford. For Sharlene, it means that there are no wrong answers. It’s an encouraging message.

“In your life, do not try not to be a success, but try to be of value” -Albert Einstein. Seju feels this quote is about not missing the big picture and not missing out on connections.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference” -Elie Wiesel. Colin thinks apathy is more appropriate for love.

“He who falls in love with himself, will have no rivals” -Benjamin Franklin. Sara made a great example of comparing herself from last year to present time. If she were to compare herself with someone else on a different path, she would not feel so great. Personal growth is key.

“The great man is always willing to be little” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. Blake is big on humility and grace. Growth can only happen when the ego is put aside. Awesome insight.

When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on” -FDR. For Jed, it meant perseverance. Jed gave a riveting recount of his hiking excursion. Unprepared and the odds against him. He stuck it out. All he needed was a power nap to keep him going. Don’t we all.

That’s all from me. We had a great meeting. Special thanks to all our guests and Carla for stopping by. Welcome Sharlene to our supportive group. We are here to challenge our limits and achieve our speaking goals. I always look forward to all your smiling faces.

At Silicon Speech, it’s always sunny. Have a great week!

Len Kung
Club Secretary