Meeting Minutes – 03.25.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Silicon Speech is at it again!

President Alex opened our meeting with a warm welcome. Our fearless leader Steve was out on assignment, but the show must go on.

Treasure Evan reminded us, dues are due! The cut off date to receive the best buy in town for self improvement is a hop skip and a jump away. Please make your payments by March 31st. Don’t let that opportunity train pass you by.

We had the amazing presence of honored guests, yet again. Special guests included Mark, Kyra, Niku, and Alex B. Welcome! Please consider joining our fun and supportive group.

Alex B. was our Joke master. I didn’t know databases are for the dads.

Thought of the day was brought to us by Armando. Armando quotes Joseph Campbell’s “Reflections”. Don’t be afraid of that cave. It will lead you to overcoming obstacles.

Karan was our brave Toastmaster for the night. He did an excellent job of keeping this meeting rolling.

VPPR Luis was our timer. He took it old school by using the trusty sticky note. How I miss those boardroom days.

Kyra kept us on track as the Ah Counter. Great attention to detail Kyra!

Treasure Evan was our Grammarian of the night. He chose the word “Quash”. It means to reject, void, suppress or put an end to.

First speaker of the night was Jaclyn. Her speech was entitled “The Silent Killer”. It was her Feedback speech in her pathways. Jaclyn gave a personal story about the killer, which is hypertension. She gave some great tips on how to avoid these possible deathly outcomes by making small changes. She showed us how to use a blood pressure monitor. Diets to look into. Very informative and wonderfully presented Jaclyn. We can’t get enough of your beautiful smile.

Second speaker was Andy. Andy gave us his insight on his research on Make-up. Like a purple alien from planets beyond Armando’s background. Andy looked into the many functions of makeup and its purpose. From survival to seduction. Andy would make an awesome Avon salesman. Great job Andy!

Next up was our Chief Evaluator Hema. Hema introduced our evaluators Li and Shar.

Li gave the toastmaster sandwich which consists of praise and critique. Clear and well structured speech. Great speech Jaclyn.

Shar evaluated Andy. Shar agrees that Andy should look into becoming an Avon salesman.

President Alex filled in as our Table Topics Master. The theme Alex chose was “Work”.

Rafael is a storyteller and graphic designer. He loves clean and concise text. It’s the Swiss way.

Treasure Evan works in private equity. Getting advice from his many family members. Evan decided he will take the money route.

Armando was lucky to have met his mentor in college. Live TV is not an easy trade, but Armando got a chance to train with the best.

Alex B. works in social media. Social media is also advertising. I never really thought about it like that. Fascinating!

Honored guest Mark wanted to be an anesthesiologist growing up. As he got older, he learned there’s a lot of issues with that profession. Now computer science is his passion.

Honored guest Niku thinks the reason we shift gears on our childhood dreams is because of the burden of life and the many responsibilities. Things happened. The “Parent mind” kicks in. Don’t forget to take it easy on yourself. Best answer Niku!

That’s it for me! Special thanks to our honored guests for participating and taking on roles. Big thanks to President Alex, Luis and Evan for taking on last minute roles.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and take in that spectacular sunshine LA is known for.

Now, here’s the list for next week:
  • Toastmaster – Evan
  • Speaker #1 – Steve
  • Speaker #2 – Shar
  • Chief Evaluator – Alex S.
  • Eval #1 – Armando
  • Eval #2 – Andy
  • Timer – Li
  • Grammarian – Luis
  • Table topics Master – Karan
  • Ah Counter – Kyra
  • Thought of the Day – Len
  • Joke Master – TBD

See you next week!

Len Kung
Club Secretary