Meeting Minutes – 03.18.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Another magnanimous night filled with many new faces and members! How lucky are we?

President Alex was out for the night. VP Steve took the reins and opened up the meeting by introducing our many new guests. Our special guests included Mikey, Jodi, Branden, Niku, Joelle, Kyra, Kenzii, and Alex.

Welcome! I hope you become a member because I heard it’s the best buy in self improvement. Practice your extemporaneous skills in a supportive environment. Network in the comfort of your own celebrity square. Join today, you won’t regret it!

Genevieve was our Joke Master of the night. Who knew there was a difference between a Porsche and a Porch.

Karan gave us the Thought of the Day. “We are both the Program and the Programmer. The program is the language we use. We are in charge of that language so use it wisely because it’s going to set the destination”. Very insightful!

Luis was the Toastmaster. He conducted the meeting splendidly!

Hema was our Timer once again.

Li was our Ah counter.

Kenzii was the Grammarian. She chose the word of the day which was “Magnanimous”. To be forgiving or generous.

Laila was our first speaker of the night. This was her Ice Breaker speech. Laila shared the term “Pakistalian”. It means she is part Pakistani and Italian. Growing up, Laila never really quite fit in. It was a long road to finding acceptance with identity within herself. Over time, she embraced her uniqueness. Laila also showed a picture of her parents back in the day. It looked like a vintage album cover. She also had a photo of these adorable children (Laila and her brother). Compelling speech Laila. Great job!

Armando was our second speaker. His speech was entitled “Grimm Tales”. Armando spoke about some research regarding The Brothers Grimm. He came about this book which had one hundred and one fairy tales, mainly of folklore. Some of these stories have been made into Disney films we know and love today. The original is a little darker of course. Armando was enchanted by a particular story called “The Three Spinsters”. This story had a lovely message of never forgetting who helped you along the way. You really do reap what you sew. Awesome speech Armando!

Blake evaluated Laila. Blake and the rest of us were blown away by her magnanimous speech. We really got to know Laila’s struggles and warm family structure. We can’t wait to hear more!

Lauren evaluated Armando. Lauren enjoyed the structure and message.

Kyra was our first time Table Topics Master. She asked some insightful questions.

Steve’s children are quite the salespeople when it comes time to getting a new piece of technology. Social media is going to stay, so he’s happy to embrace it. It’s the future.

Branden’s favorite neighborhood is Santa Monica. He moved all the way from Culver City to be closer to the beach.

Joelle is on the fence when it comes to data privacy. At this point, Facebook knows how much she loves Williams Sonoma.

Kenzii explained like we were five. Flowers are pretty, but so are the dried ones.

Genevieve believes big tech as a monopoly can hurt the growth for innovation. Not to mention better pricing for the consumer.

Andy chimed in about technology monopolies. Monopolies kill competition and we probably won’t see any changes for a long time.

I want to give a special thanks to our many new guests! I hope you consider becoming a member. It really is a fun one! Thank you Laila for the touching ice breaker. We learned a new word.

That’s all from me. Dues are due if you haven’t already. Contact Treasure Evan and get yourself on board for the best buy in town! Talk about investing in yourself, and not just in the stock market!

Now, here’s the list for next week:
  • Toastmaster – Jaclyn
  • Toastmaster – Karan
  • Table Topics Master – Genevieve
  • Speaker #1 – Jaclyn
  • Speaker #2 – Andy
  • Chief Evaluator – Hema
  • Evaluator #1 – Li
  • Evaluator #2 – Shar
  • Timer – Joelle
  • Grammarian – Blake
  • Ah Counter – Kyra
  • Thought for the Day – Armando
  • Joke Master – Alex
Len Kung
Club Secretary