Meeting Minutes – 03.11.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Silicon Speech is Blessed with Guests!

Another star-studded night filled the zoom room with lovely new faces. Honored guests included Kyra, Jody, and returning guest Meghan.

Area 1 Director Carla Taravella made a special appearance. Carla made a very special announcement. Silicon Speech is the best in the world! And we have 100% officers trained. Both are true statements. Always a pleasure Carla.

President Alex opened our meeting with a big welcome and quick zoom reboot.

Treasurer Evan announced that dues are DUE! Best buy in self improvement and definitely a fun group to be around.

Our Jokemaster Rafael, took a different spin. His joke included the search for jokes on the internet and in itself became the joke. Life really is an enigma.

Thought of the day was brought to us by Laila. “Attitude is what you bring to life”, -The Prophet.

Toastmaster Lauren graced our presence with her serene green background. She led the meeting stupendously.

Our timer of the evening was Hema. First time timer, but not the last time.

Luis and I were the Ah counters. Yes it took two people to catch these oh so subtle um’s and laser quick ah’s.

Grammarian for the evening was Karan. He chose the word “Diabolical” – to be devilish.

President Alex gave his level 3 in a pathways speech entitled “3 basic principles of finance”. The big 3 include 1. Budgeting, 2. Debt. management and 3. Building an emergency fund. He mentioned a client “Bill the barber”. Bill is an average man who made millions by investing his average wage. If Bill can do it, anyone can.

Alex also joined the Instagram game. He will be producing his finance Friday’s on Instagram. Great way to educate us about Instagram. Great speech Alex!

Second speaker of the evening was Evan. Evan is completing his Persuasive Influence, evaluation and feedback portion in his pathways. His speech is entitled “Wealth, equity and a case for Bitcoin”. Evan spoke about Bitcoin and how it may be our best bet at keeping your investment safe in these challenging times. Big government may not be in the everyday man’s best interest. Evan also mentioned that the US has printed eights times the amount of money since our last recession in 2008. That is not too long ago. The people who benefit from these government payouts are investors and the wealthy. Great tips and always do your own research when investing. Keep these awesome speeches coming Evan!

How lucky are we to have two experienced financial people to educate us about personal and government spending. Thank you Alex and Evan!

Chief Evaluator Blake introduced our esteemed evaluators, Armando and Genevieve.

Evaluation to Alex was Armando. Armando said Alex had great insider tips. Bill the barber is a great story. Valuable information. Great call to action for Instagram to learn more. Great points Armando. We can’t agree more.

Evaluation to Evan was Genevieve. Genevieve loved the nuggets of information. Thanks Genevieve, we loved it as well.

On to Table Topics held by yours truly. I chose the theme, “Women’s History Month”.

Carla is glad her mother encouraged her to read “The Diary of Anne Frank”, long before school recommended it. Different circumstances but isolation is the theme we now know very well.

Kenzii’s favorite actresses are Jessica Lange and Tessa Thompson. Very different styles of acting but they’re both amazing in expressing the characters they play. Great choices Kenzii.

Calvin admires his mothers strong work ethics. Tiger moms are not always bad. She molded Calvin into the man he is today. His appreciation hit new levels when making a sandwich for himself after a long day. Not an easy task taking care of a family and yourself.

Jaclyn has never seen the show “Golden Girls”. Her favorite golden girl however, is her mother. Raising five children definitely makes her golden. But also a sweet nickname her father had given her many years ago. I see what you did there, clever.

That is all from me. Special thanks to our honored guests and we hope you consider being a member. Yes, we always have this much fun. Special note to members, DUES ARE DUE!

We have some diabolical weather, so bundle up, it’s going to be a cold one.

Thanks everyone. See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary