Meeting Minutes – 01.16.2020

It was another great meeting at Silicon Speech last night. Unfortunately, Jon Wald came down with whatever’s going around and we had to reschedule his Ice Breaker speech until next week.

Thus, Luis Hurtado was our only speaker and he came through with a terrific speech about coaches and mentors which included a harrowing tale about an early job assignment. He pulled off with the help of a “tough love” mentor which, come to think of it, could be the name of a book or maybe a reality TV show. Rich Keeves then took the stage and did a great job delivering his very first evaluation.

Well done, Rich! Since Luis was our only speaker, we were able to expand the Table Topics portion of the meeting giving literally everyone including our guests a chance to practice their extemporaneous speaking skills.

Yours truly was the TTM and I used questions which you can find online just in case you would like to practice this skill at home. Click Here to download.

Speaking of guests, we would like to thank Lev, Nicole and Leo for stopping by and checking out our club.

We hope you’ll be back soon.

Steve Evans
Secretary / VP Education

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