Meeting Minutes – 01.09.2020

It was our first meeting of the new year and we’re off and running in 2020 as Len Kung took the reins as our new President. We had 2 terrific speeches. Dustin Guay gave his Ice Breaker and knocked it out of the park.

High marks for his first time out. Len was up next and kept us spellbound as she recounted her trip over the holidays through the diaphanous mist of the California coast with stops at Hearst Castle and Big Sur. Speeches were followed by thoughtful and insightful evaluations by Shar McBee and our guest from Coachmasters, Gavin Masumiya.

Then, Karan Bavandi went deep as Table Topics Master enlisting the teachings of Buddha as he crafted questions that brought forth some very thoughtful answers from our guests. Speaking of guests, we had 7 people drop by last night to check out the proceedings.

We would like to say hi to Gavin, Leon, Lance, Kevin, Lauren, Keith and Michelle. We hope you’ll be back soon. All that and Rich Keeves became an official, dues paying member.

Welcome to Silicon Speech, Rich! It was a great meeting back in the Boardroom and a great start to the new year.

Steve Evans
Secretary / VP Education

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