Meeting Minutes – 08.23.19

It was another great workout at Silicon Speech Toastmasters last night. Our first speaker, author Shar McBee, gave us another insightful lesson in Leadership with a Yoga Twist. This included a new yoga position which had us all feeling more relaxed and stress fee. Psychotherapist, Azita Sachmechian was our second speaker. She talked about the relationship between a person’s intelligence, EQ (emotional quotient) and depression. She then instructed us in the need to regulate our emotions. At the end of this portion of the meeting, I was feeling significantly more, healthy both mentally and emotionally, and the stiffness in my neck had disappeared.

This was followed by two spot-on, speaker evaluations and Table Topics lead by President Luis Hurtado giving us a chance to improve our extemporaneous skills. Our 2 guests volunteered to speak during this activity and really knocked it out of the park. Hopefully, we’ll see them again.

Otto Von Wachter suggested that we sponsor a Pitch-Fest for the Cross Campus members which would give CC members a chance to try out their elevator speeches. We all thought was a great idea. We may have to come up with a different name since that one seems to be taken. We’ll definitely be following up. Stay tuned!

Steve Evans
Secretary / VP Education