Meeting Minutes – 05.20.2020

Hi Everybody,

The science of sound, mama hens and Memorial Day were just a few topics explored at last night’s terrific Silicon Speech meeting. Marina Romanova returned to the role of Toastmaster after a two-year hiatus and proved she hasn’t lost a thing.

First, she introduced our two speakers beginning with Sam Nazarian who gave us a seminar in why things sound the way they do. The speech included terrific visuals and he also showed us how cool it is when a presentation includes sound. Azita Sachmechian was up next with a cautionary tale about why you should think twice before cleaning your garage. It could lead to a broken leg which, in Azita’s case, it did but it was also the catalyst for her transformation from Road Runner to Mama Hen. Furthermore, she now gets to sport a very cool looking orange cast and ride a scooter. Great job, Azita! Get well soon!

Speeches were followed by two insightful, supportive evaluations by Len Kung and Louise Hyland who joined us once again after conquering the District One International Speech Contest last weekend.

Then, Alex Schams took to our virtual stage to conduct Table Topics. Alex chose the timely theme of the meaning of Memorial Day. Responses were quite thoughtful and philosophical. Urja Nadibail talked about the holiday through the eyes of someone fairly new to this country.

Shar McBee used a musical metaphor to explain peace and harmony and Karan Bavandi spoke of a way toward peace. No one brought up barbeques and mattress sales which is usually the way these things go. Well done TT responders!

I would like to give a special shout out to our guests, the aforementioned Louise Hyland and our Area 1 Director, Harrison Sallow. Thank you for joining us and we hope to see you again.

All this and Urja Nadibail announced she is becoming an official, dues paying member of our club. Welcome to Silicon Speech, Urja!!

Now, here’s the list for next week:
  • Toastmaster – Karan Bavandi
  • Table Topics Master – Azita Sachmechian
  • Speaker #1 – Armando Yee
  • Speaker #2 – Marisol Zumaeta
  • Back-up Speaker – TBD
  • Chief Evaluator – Lauren Clayton
  • Evaluator #1 – Marina Romanova
  • Evaluator #2 – Alex Schams
  • Timer – Luis Hurtado
  • Grammarian – Sam Nazarian
  • Ah Counter – Karan Bavandi
  • Thought for the Day – Steve Evans
  • Joke Master – Shar McBee
Steve Evans
Secretary / VP Education