Silicon Speech Toastmasters Meeting #156

Hello everyone! Sharing a reminder for our next few meetings so you know where to find us 🙂
This week: online
Nov 16: in-person hybrid, followed by a group dinner
Nov 23: No meeting – Thanksgiving
Speaker Recap
Steve delivered a speech he is preparing for an upcoming moth show this month about the time in his life where he worked as a disc jockey for a country station in Spokane and was given the chance to do something different & fun…you’ll have to watch the YT link below to find out what it was!
Karan prepared a presentation where he used a client’s website to demonstrate the power of curation and how it can make you/your company a trusted source.
This Week’s Meeting: online Thursday, November 9th @ 6:30 PM

This Week’s Line-Up: Be sure to read through to see if you were “volunteered” for a role in your absence. If your name is Kenzii, Shaun or Karan please send your intro including what you hope to accomplish with your speech and why (if you’re a speaker) to our Toastmaster, Steve at
Toastmaster – Steve Evans
Table Topics Master – Kenzii Graves
Speaker #1 –Shaun Shue – Moth Prep
Speaker #2 – Karan Bavandi – TBD
Chief Evaluator – Steve Evans
Evaluator #1 – Round Robin
Evaluator #2 – Round Robin
Timer – TBD
Grammarian – TBD
Ah Counter – TBD
Thought for the Day – Shar McBee
Joke Master – Karan Bavandi

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