Meeting Minutes – Dec 1st

We were, once again, live, in-person and online last night from The Cottage where we were visited by several guests.  A special shout out to GeneMichaelGregory (the pride of Falmouth, online) and the great Ed Coffey who was a guest Evaluator and Joke Master, extraordinaire.


David Molloy was at the helm in what was his first turn as a Toastmaster. Not only did he do a great job, but he also gets my vote for the best “intro” forwarded to me well in advance of the meeting. Let’s hope he sets an example for the rest of us.


Our first speaker was the one and only Shar McBee giving us a preview of a speech she’ll be giving at her up and coming appearance at the Female Disruptors Virtual Summit  It was great information during these troubled times about how conflict can actually be a benefit, something that can morph into something beautiful.  . Check out the link to the conference, tickets are still available.  Lora Larson-Miller was up next with a terrific presentation, her first speech in Pathways Level 4, about the skills needed to write and maintain a blog. Timely, news we can use, delivered well but, unfortunately, on the recording of the meeting, you hear her voice and see her slides but only a thumbnail of me in the corner taking notes. Note to fellow Zoomers: in the shared screen mode, Zoom seems to record only the camera on the device with the microphone which, last night, was mine.  Apologies to Lora.  Corrections will be made for upcoming hybrid meetings.


Shaun Shue was our TTM last night asking the probing, insightful questions that make the Table Topics experience one of our favorite parts of any meeting.  If you couldn’t attend last night or would like to simply review your brilliant performance, here’s the link to the video:


Now, here’s the line-up for or our next online, meeting, Thursday night, December 8th.  If you weren’t with us last night, be sure to read through to see if you were “volunteered” for a role in your absence.  If your name is David, Elli, Arturo or Steve, please send your intro to our Toastmaster, Karan at If your name is Karan, please send your intro to me at


Toastmaster – Karan Bavandi

Table Topics Master – David Molloy

Speaker #1 – Elli Kantanen – Pathways – TBD

Speaker #2 – Arturo Gomez – Pathways – TBD

Chief Evaluator – Steve Evans

Evaluator #1 – Shar McBee

Evaluator #2 – TBD

Timer – Eric Morrison

Grammarian – Kenzi Rose

Ah Counter – Solmaz Gharagozloo

Thought for the Day – Karan Bavandi

Joke Master – David Molloy

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