Meeting Minutes – 10.29.2020

Hi Everyone,

It was our big Halloween meeting last night and a good time was had by all. First of all, a shout out to all of our guests. Carla Taravella, Area A1 Director and Bonnie Felt, Assistant, Area A1 Director joined us from District One last night. Also dropping by, Jaclyn Lineback, Evan Pawelk, and Maryam Ashouri. We hope to see all of you, again, soon.

Karan Bavandi was our Toastmaster and he introduced Len Kung who was up first with her Pathways, Level 4, Creating a Podcast speech entitled, “Hungry for Horror”. She told us of her journey from novice speaker to the host of her own podcast about terror, fear and ghastly spirits. Sound exciting? You can check it out on Apple Podcasts and just in time for Halloween!

Armando Yee was up next to share with us his latest findings from the Middle East. He took us through translations of age-old, Egyptian hieroglyphics, basically self-help literature from long ago. We learned among other things, that it’s important to “speak with everyone in the knowledge of that person” which is good advice for those of us in a TM meeting.

Next up, the speeches were evaluated with insight and support by yours truly and Li Xin then Blake Samuelle took to the SS virtual stage as our Table Topics Master. Not surprisingly, Halloween was the theme and we learned a few things.

Maryam Ashouri told us about ghastly movies that scared her the most.

Alex Bello is a fan of The Joker, not the Joaquin Phoenix version but the classic Heath Ledger character.

Evan Pawelk’s favorite Halloween candy is Candy Corn! The blend of sweet and wax is an acquired taste but I couldn’t agree more. Let’s hear it for the Corn!

Jaclyn Lineback told us about her favorite Halloween experience which took place at the Magic Castle (see note about the Shar McBee connection below).

Kenzi Rose’ favorite Halloween movie is that horror classic from the year 2000, Leprechaun in the Hood Starring Ice-T!

Shar McBee used to live next door to Sissy Spacek and was actually there when they burned down the house at the end of the film “Carrie”. Not everyone can say that!

Bonnie Felt’s favorite horror character is the one and only Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations.

Luis Hurtado shared an actual experience with a ghost in his kitchen which didn’t result in any bodily harm but did raise hell with his faucets, utensils and a few appliances.

Now, here’s the list for next week:
  • Toastmaster – Sam Nazarian
  • Table Topics Master – Evan Pawelk
  • Speaker #1 – Lauren Clayton
  • Speaker #2 – Shar McBee
  • Chief Evaluator – Karan Bavandi
  • Evaluator #1 – Blake Samuelle
  • Evaluator #2 – Len Kung
  • Timer – Li Xin
  • Grammarian – Jaclyn Lineback
  • Ah Counter – TBD
  • Thought for the Day – Alex Schams
  • Joke Master – Sam Nazarian
Steve Evans
Secretary / VP Education