Meeting Minutes – 09.10.2020

Silicon Speech was a bi-coastal event last night led by our Toastmaster, Lauren Clayton, in NYC this week, and the rest of us under the red skies of Santa Monica. Everyone approached their meeting roles with typical, indefatigable enthusiasm and the night featured two excellent speakers, Alex Schams and Karan Bavandi. Alex was up first with a speech about how to manage our money if we want to be living the good life in our later years, always a great topic.

Karan was next with a speech about the observed and the observer which was delivered with as little preparation possible, intentionally. It was an experiment to see what would develop, speaking in the moment. I think it’s great when members try new things and feel free to experiment with new approaches. As I said before, Silicon Speech is like a vocal gym where we’re free to try new approaches and work out every week to develop those public speaking muscles.

The speakers were followed by insightful and constructive evaluations, then Luis Hurtado took to the virtual stage as our Table Topics Master who asked some interesting questions which led to interesting answers.

Sam Nazarian was asked, for instance, “What was the tipping point that led you to join Toastmasters?” Turns out it was a grad school roommate at UCLA who raved about the organization and ended up with a job a Google X. I’m not sure if Toastmasters can take all of the credit for his roommate’s good fortune but it may have helped in the interview process.

One of our guests, Fernando Espinosa, was asked what he would do if he knew he couldn’t fail. He said he would try to deliver a “kick-ass” speech. You’ve come to the right place Fernando.

And, finally, would you take an, “immortality pill” if given the chance? Lauren Clayton answered that she may already have the immortality option having grown up in New Orleans, land of the American vampire. Sounds pretty mysterious and we look forward to hearing more about life in the Big Easy in an upcoming speech.

I would like to thank our guests, Fernando Espinosa and Alex Bello for joining us. We hope to see you again.

Now, here’s the list for next week:
  • Toastmaster – Steve Evans
  • Table Topics Master – Alex Schams
  • Speaker #1 – Lauren Clayton
  • Speaker #2 – Luis Hurtado
  • Chief Evaluator – Karan Bavandi
  • Evaluator #1 – Sam Nazarian
  • Evaluator #2 – Len Kung
  • Timer – Li Xin
  • Grammarian – TBD
  • Ah Counter – TBD
  • Thought for the Day – Kenzi Rose
  • Joke Master – Karan Bavandi
Steve Evans
Secretary / VP Education