Meeting Minutes – 09.09.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Feeling Zen, with Silicon Speech!

President Steve opened the meeting by welcoming members and guests. Bianca made an appearance. Welcome Bianca, we hope you enjoyed your time with us. Silicon Speech is the best buy in self improvement. If you’re looking for that kind of thing.

President Steve also mentioned, Dues are DUE! Dues for the next term (6 months through March 31) will be only $60.00. Just $60.00 for what we call The Best Buy in Self-Improvement! Dues can be paid to our interim club Treasurer, me, Steve Evans with cash, check or other electronic payment methods including the following:

  • PayPal –
  • Venmo – @Steven-Evans-92

If you are a guest and would like to become a member, click on Become a Member on the Silicon Speech website – Fill out and scan the Membership Application then send it to our VP of Membership, Blake Bolger at You will then need to pay your dues and the one-time set-up fee to our interim club Treasurer, me, Steve Evans with cash, check or the other electronic payment methods mentioned above.

Karan provided us with the Joke of the Day. Why is Switzerland great? To start, their flag is a big plus. That’s a good one!

Ananta had a thought for our Thought of the Day. “One who masters self control and discipline is truly undefeatable” -Buddha. Love that!

Toastmaster of the night was Lou. The meeting was smooth like butter.

Timer was Steve.

Ah counter was Shar. All the um’s and ah’s were accounted for.

I was your Grammarian. I chose the word, “gasconade”. It means extravagant boasting.

The Chief Evaluator was Steve. How many hats does Steve have? A lot!

First Speaker of the night was Hema. Hema is on level two of her Presentation Mastery in Pathways. Her speech was titled “Holding Up a Mirror in your Conversations”. There are many styles of communication. Hema prefers the “direct style”. Over the years, she learned that there needs to be a balance because people will perceive in a certain way. Mirroring is another style that Hema incorporated which has helped her personally and professionally. She hopes we are able to adapt different style of communication if something is not working. Amazing speech Hema! Thank you for that!

Second Speaker of the night was Ananta. His speech is titled “Climate Change, Every Action Counts”. Plastic is the Satan we made. We are the Avengers to Thanos. It takes 450 years for plastic to degrade. Pollution has plagued our oceans and the living beings on our planet. Ananta mentioned the 3 R’s to remind us to incorporate some small changes in our daily lives.

  • Recycle
  • Reduce
  • Reuse

Climate change is a big problem and every bit that we do, will count. Thank you Ananta for that insightful speech. I will make sure to carry my cloth bags everywhere I go.

Li Evaluated Hema. Li loved the clear and concise speech. The call to action was on point as well.

Blake Evaluated Ananta. Blake loved the massage and PowerPoint. Great job Ananta!

The Table Topics Speaker was Karan. His topic was the Buddha’s Noble Truths.

Matthew believes suffering is something everyone goes through. It doesn’t feel good, but if you’re always feeling good, it’s not real. Great point!

Blake believes suffering comes from desire. Perhaps make friends with suffering, because it’s not an easy thing to overcome. Amen to that!

Li believes by comparing yourself to others, you will always feel deflated.

My perception of beauty changed over the years because I looked inward. Lifting weights in my later years has not only been my therapy, but my perception has changed as well. Thanks to the Pandemic, I would have never gotten to know myself in this way.

Shar found purpose in volunteering. When you give, you get way much more back. We can’t agree more, Shar!

Kenzii found suffering is due to holding on. Resentment was the hot rock she held on for too long. Only when she let that go and forgive. She was able to live compassionately and more freely. That’s a beautiful answer Kenzii. Thank you.

That’s all from me! Big thanks to all our attendees and Bianca. We hope to see you again. You’re always welcome. We had a wonderfully insightful meeting. Not only did we tackle some hard hitting questions by Karan, but Hema and Ananta challenged us to look deeply in ourselves, and better ourselves and the world.

Summer is almost over, enjoy it while it lasts!

See you next time.

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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