Meeting Minutes – 09.02.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Fun times, at Silicon Speech!

President Steve opened the meeting by welcoming members. He also has big news. Dues are due!

Dues for the next term (6 months through March 31) will be only $60.00. Just $60.00 for what we call The Best Buy in Self-Improvement! Dues can be paid to our interim club Treasurer, me, Steve Evans with cash, check or other electronic payment methods including the following:

Paypal –

Venmo – @Steven-Evans-92
If you are a guest and would like to become a member, click on Become a Member on the Silicon Speech website – Fill out and scan the Membership Application then send it to our VP of Membership, Blake Bolger at You will then need to pay your dues and the one-time set-up fee to our interim club Treasurer, me, Steve Evans with cash, check or the other electronic payment methods mentioned above.

Shar was the Toastmaster. She chose a theme for the night. The theme is “be authentic”. Know your audience and recall from your memory. Trust yourself.

Thought of the day by Rafael. “Do not take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive”. – Elbert Hubbard.

I was your Ah Counter. My diligence paid off. Every filler word was accounted for.

Grammarian was Rafael. He did not provide a word of the day. I guess you really can run out of words.

Timer was Sharlene. Loving the light show.

First and only speaker was Ananta. Ananta gave his Ice Breaker speech. Talk about a tail of self growth. From hating his family travels as a child. He realized the amazing experiences he had while on them. This gave him the bravery to try new things and not to see inconveniences as an annoyance, but an opportunity to grow. Although he hated the hustle and bustle of preparing for the travels. He will never regret the amazing memories he shared with his family. Change has made Ananta a better person.

Totally agree!

Evaluator for Ananta was Steve. Steve gave high praise for the standing presentation. Loving the personal story of self growth and getting to know Ananta a little better.

The Table Topics Speaker was Rafael. Rafael shared some abstract pictures and had us tell a little story or experience related to the photo.

examined the picture of some orange-haired people in white coats. It reminds him of his college days when he and his friends dressed as mummies for Halloween. Let’s just say, the waitress had a hard time trying to figure out who ordered what.

got a picture of a Victorian young boy smoking a cigarette with his chicken. Shar always wanted a little brother. She’s scared of chickens so this brother seems like the chicken whisper.

Lou got a picture of a knock off Mickey Mouse holding a sign that said “you’re next”. It’s ominous but at least you know where to park your car.

Kenzii got a picture of a school photo of a young man with a dog face on his head. Kenzii mentioned the unfortunate reality that some people resemble their dogs. Talk about dogs in your head.

Li got a picture of two ladies from the 1920’s wearing clear bags over their heads. Li is thankful we have masks instead of these bags for our generation’s pandemic.

Steve got a picture of a woman wearing a full salad outfit. Talk about a fashion statement.

I got a picture of floating bodies over a house in darkness. This is perfect for me because I am a big horror buff. I mentioned a ghost story floating around my office and this picture reminded me of it. Ghosts are real!

Sharlene got a picture of a closet full of different facial expressions. Like a lot of kids, she dreamed of being an actress. Being an actress involves a wide range of emotions and this photo reminded her of that. She’s also pondered the idea of what it would be like to be a different person for a day. Haven’t we all! Great answer Sharlene.

Ananta got a black and white photo of a Crow lighting a ladies cigarette. Ananta is impressed by how that lady was able to teach a crow to do that.

That’s all from me. Don’t forget to pay those dues. Big congrats on Ananta’s first speech! He did an amazing job. Thank you to everyone who popped in and spent your valuable time with us. Not only did we have a great time. We’re learning a little more about ourselves and others in the process.

Keep that sunscreen on hand, summer is not quite over yet.

See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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