Meeting Minutes – 08.05.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Silicon Speech is keeping it cool!

Our acting President Lou took to the stage. He gave a warm welcome and started the meeting right on time. Steve would love to hear about that.

The thought of the Day was by Karan. He chose to use a quote from Rumi. To sum it up, don’t follow people blindly. Come to your own conclusion.

The Joke Master was Karan as well. A smile only a dentist can love.

The Toastmaster was Blake. She did an amazing job leading us to a victorious meeting.

First speaker was Shar. Shar will be giving a presentation on earning respect from your peers. She asked members to share some of their experiences that earned their respect. We got some interesting stories and sometimes, respect needs to be warranted and the person needs to be mature as well.

Second speaker was Rafael. From farting cookies to crying clouds. Rafael pitched some possible children’s book ideas he’s working on. With some visuals and great ideas in the making. He asked a couple members to pick their favorites and why. We only got a taste. We shall have to wait to see what happens next.

Karan evaluated Shar. It’s all about maturity, work culture and if respect is justified.

Li evaluated Rafael. Li enjoyed the stories and original artwork.

Sharlene was our first time Table Topics Speaker. Talk about thinking on your feet. Sharlene is an avid podcast listener and found some very intriguing questions to ask.

Is Hema a collector? She’s trying to be. House plant’s to bring in good vibes and clean air are something worth investing in.

Scale from one to ten on a weird scale? Jed is a 6. From collecting coins to collecting every job on the planet. I guess that is kind of weird. He is hoping to up his weird game in the future.

Would Kenzii go with aliens if they beamed down to earth? Perhaps. Earth can be boring.

Ananta would clean his desk first if given the choice.

Li would take communication classes if he could go back to college. That’s what Toastmasters is all about. You are in the right place Li!

Lou would love to plan a bank heist if he could plan the perfect crime. Sounds like a fun video game.

Karan would start being immortal at 26, with the wisdom he has now.

Blake would love to be fluent in sign language. Never would have thought of that. Great answer!

That’s all from me. Big thanks to everyone for popping in and spending your time with us. Silicon Speech is here to help you better your communication skills and perfect your pitch! Rafael and Shar had the right idea of asking members for their valuable inputs.

Silicon Speech is here to assist you in all your communication needs.

Time to swap out those flip flops for some crocs. Looking forward to that cooler weather.

See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary

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