Meeting Minutes – 07.29.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

New faces, at Silicon Speech!

Acting President Lou, took on the role with style and grace. He welcomed our guests Claude, Ananta, Christine and La Tanya. Christine is our new Assistant Area 1 director and La Tanya is our new Area 1 director. Christine and La Tanya are here to help our club grow and we shall be seeing them drop in occasionally. Basically, they have our backs!

I was your Joke Master. Powerpoints need to cross the road. They don’t walk, they slide.

Thought of the Day was yours truly. You can’t be great if you don’t start. In other words, just do it.

Lou was our Toastmaster. Andy had some technical issues. No problem, the Len and Lou show is on the way.

Blake was our Ah Counter.

Li was our Timer.

La Tanya was our Grammarian. She chose the word of the day which was “burgeoning”. It means flourishing, developing, beginning to grow. Great word!

First Speaker was Sharlene. Sharlene shared a scary story. The story is titled, “The Monkey’s Paw”, by W.W Jacobs. It’s a classic story about careful wishing and perhaps resurrecting the dead is not a good idea. Never trust a monkey’s paw. It’s gross. Not only was the story riveting. Sharlene had a background that made our skin crawl. Very appropriate for the atmosphere. Love it!

Second Speaker was Karan. Karan shared a little something he’s working on. Karan hopes to help users limit their search time in a more manageable way. Organizing is part of our daily lives and if we don’t keep up, things will be a mess. Karan shared his screen to show examples of his process. Great product and speech.

Shar Evaluated Sharlene. Great idea to match the background to the spooky atmosphere.

My head was hot from all the hats. I evaluated Karan. Great product in production!

Next up was Table Topics. You guessed it, It was myself who led the questions. I didn’t have a theme. Talk about thinking on your feet.

Sarah learned that maybe she should have done some more research when it comes to minor surgeries. Recovery may take a little longer.

Good food will make Rafael happy instantly.

Blake likes pepperoni and jalapenos on her pizza. She’s also a fan of the Hawaiian pizza. Same!

Claude’s most useful tool? A $1 watch of course. It’s essential for his workouts. I can’t agree more!

What is a useless item? Andy jokingly said it’s his book. He will get to it someday.

Christine’s big change was her big move. Her word of advice is to minimize your stuff early on. Because when you finally have to pack it up. There will be way more useless stuff then you think you have.

That’s all from me. We had a great meeting. Special thanks to La Tanya and Christine for dropping by. Thank you to Ananta and Claude for making an appearance. We hope you consider joining our little club. Big thanks to everyone for speeding your time with us. We are nothing without you all.

Blast the AC and take a chill pill. It’s going to be a warm week.

See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary
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