Meeting Minutes – 07.23.2020

We had a few last-minute cancellations and an audio issue but the group was able to rebound with poise and grace resulting in a resplendent meeting at Silicon Speech, last night. I was Toastmaster and it was my pleasure to introduce, Area A1 Director, Carla Taravella who, just hours earlier, had volunteered to fill in as our first speaker. She gave a terrific Pathways, Level 3, Using Presentation Software, speech titled “My Uncle, My Hero”. It was a speech about one of the Greatest Generation with terrific supporting images from World War II which left us moved and inspired. Well done, Carla, and thanks for joining us, once again.

Karan Bavandi was up next with a tour of his new COVID-19, conversational chatbot.. As is often the case at Silicon Speech, we were treated to a look into the latest technology and Karan had some comforting words about AI. Turns out, AI isn’t taking over the world. At least, not yet.

The speeches were followed by insightful and supportive evaluations by Len Kung and Sam Nazarian who returned to our meeting last night with a few, new, very cool, virtual backgrounds. How does he do it?

Alex Schams. Our Table Topics Master, started off with “Why do humans act irrationally?” Who me? The question was actually answered by Armando Yee who used road rage as an example of emotions taking over our rational minds and left us with some sage advice: “Remember, everybody has a cell phone”.

Luis Hurtado then answered a question about “that one person who made the biggest impact on you”. For Luis, it was a former mentor at G4 TV who told him to always be humble and open-minded. More, wise words. It was like a self-improvement seminar, last night.

Even two of our guests, Genevieve Kelly, Angus Perkerson joined the fun and answered questions. They both did a great job with their first shot at tackling a topic.

A special shout out to all of our guests last night, the aforementioned, Genevieve Kelly and Angus Perkerson along with Elizabeth Kelly and Bahar. Thank you for joining us and we hope to see you, again.

All in all, it was another great meeting.

Now, here’s the list for next week:
  • Toastmaster – Armando Yee
  • Table Topics Master – Shar McBee
  • Speaker #1 – Li Xin (Ice Breaker)
  • Speaker #2 – Lauren Clayton
  • Back-up Speaker – TBD
  • Chief Evaluator – Steve Evans
  • Evaluator #1 – Karan Bavandi
  • Evaluator #2 – Alex Schams
  • Timer – Sam Nazarian
  • Grammarian – Luis Hurtado
  • Ah Counter – Joelle Johnson
  • Thought for the Day – Steve Evans
  • Joke Master – Len Kung
Steve Evans
Secretary / VP Education