Meeting Minutes – 02.04.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Let the contest of speeches commence!

We kicked off our meeting with some exciting news. After a productive meeting with our newly appointed officers, the stars have aligned.

Our President Alex Schams introduced the new executive orders. He’s been in office for about 2 weeks and already taking on his position splendidly.

Alex mentioned some exciting news about how we will make Silicon Speech the best in the world! Prizes, payment with ease, improved user experience, and dancing unicorns that shoot fireworks from its mouth. Okay, I may have exaggerated that last one. Nonetheless, super exciting news.

The format was a little different this evening. We had three prepared speeches by two seasoned speakers. We also had a visit from our Area 1 director Carla. She reminded us of the Toastmasters International speech contest and encouraged us to check it out.

Azita was our Toastmaster for the evening. She did an amazing job leading us through the contest of speeches.

Steve presented his first speech of the evening in the Humorous Category. His Speech entitled “I Love LA”, Steve Evans.

Steve spoke about all the typical characters you would find while sitting in LA traffic. The loud music guy, the slow cruising fast food eater, and of course the beauty queen driver. Juggling driving and a blow-dryer is quite a skill. Don’t forget the ever changing LA weather of 2 degrees. Always love the helicopter news reporter letting us know you’ll get to your destination eventually. Steve’s disc jockey background was very effective when presenting news caster’s accents. Let’s say I’ll never hear “Rancho Cucamonga” the same way. Thank you Steve. We loved every minute of your view of LA.

Next up was our second speaker presented by Armando Yee. His speech was in the International category entitled “Lessons from the Control Room”, Armando Yee.

Armando gave a riveting speech about the wonderful world as a sports television producer. His career as a quick decision maker was brought on by his upbringing. Loving the circus and magic had given him the ability to transition to a demanding field of work. Talk about the trick of the eye. Armando gave three tips on how to make these quick decisions. Have empathy, be prepared, and go for it. Armando gave us a glimpse of his exciting career and kept us wanting more. Thank you, Armando.

Lastly, Steve came back with another speech in the International category. His Speech entitled, “A Time Like No Other”, Steve Evans.

Steve talked about his earliest friends. Radio DJ’s. His family has lived all over the US, so he found comfort from the radio. Steve knew his destiny was set from an early age. During the pandemic, Steve reminisced about how things would have played out if this happened when he was a child. We certainly live in the most amazing times. Thanks to technology, the world has not completely stopped. We can learn to bake, cook, fix cars, and how to become a Drag Queen. As we are living in some uncertain times, learning has not stopped. The world is our oyster through technology. Thank you Steve for that amazing insight.

After the votes were in. Steve Evans won the Humorous & International contest. Steve will move on to the Area 1 speech contest on Saturday. Congratulations Steve, and good luck!

I want to give a BIG thank you to Luis Hurtado for formatting our voting system. If only all elections were this easy. Thank you, Lou!

Big thanks to Steve, Alex, Evan, and Blake for taking initiative on your officer roles. Your efforts will not be unnoticed. Let’s keep the ball rolling.

Lastly, Thank you all for participating and giving feedback. This is crucial to our speakers to evolve and accelerate in their speaking skills. I believe practice and feedback are key in making amazing speakers. We are all capable of being better versions of ourselves. Thank you to everyone for making Silicon Speech the highlight of my week. I always look forward to seeing all your smiling faces.

Thank you and have an amazing sunny LA week! See you next time!

Len Kung
Club Secretary