Meeting Minutes – 01.14.2021

Len Kung
Club Secretary

Welcome back to another exciting meeting from Silicon Speech!

Our meeting kicked off with a Joke from Alex Bello and Lovely a quote from our President Alex Schams.

Jaclyn took the reins as first time Toastmaster! You would never know it from her cool calm and demeanor. Great job Jaclyn!

We had quite a bit of first timers for roles this evening. Maryam gave us a light show for the first time Timer.

Andy took on the ever so challenging role as Ah Counter. He meticulously counted all of our filer words. We all know that’s not an easy task, but hey… who’s counting?

Li Xin took on his role as Grammarian and gave us our word of the day. That word was “escapade”.

Our first speaker was Shar McBee. Sadly, Lauren had to reschedule her speech. No worries! Shar stepped in and gave us a much needed speech about health and mental wellness. I think we all need a little of that right now. Her speech entitled “To lead is to laugh”. She started with having us raise our arms to keep our oxytocin levels high and blood pressure low. All great tips for a better sex life. Who doesn’t want that? Sprinkle in some great quotes like “Wittitsim over Criticism” and you have yourself an insightful and overall feel good speech. Thank you for that Shar!

Second speaker of the evening was Armando Yee. This was Armando’s Ice Breaker and we all had the pleasure of learning a little more about him. Armando started his speech with a lovely bull shaped balloon, which he made himself. His love for the arts started with his visits to the Circus in Tijuana as a child. This experience made Armando’s mission to follow that passion into his adult life. He currently works in television production and loves every bit of it. Armando is also an avid reader. Some of his favorite autobiographies include authors such as Ben Franklin, Nicola Tesla and BT Barnum. It’s always a treat hearing from a seasoned speaker like Armando. Bravo!

The General Evaluator of the evening was Blake Bolger. This was first time with this role, and she did an amazing job!

Our evaluators masterfully provided crafted feedback to our talented speakers. Not an easy task when both our speakers are professionals at it!

Karan Bavandi evaluated Shar and pointed out that she has a great conversational tone that’s inviting. Shar has the speech-craft of a three time best seller author. Because she totally is! Rock on Shar!

Azita evaluated Armando and mentioned his zoom background. Azita said that the planets aligned with his calm demeanor. Armando’s smooth voice carried us through space. Great observation Azita!

Next up was Table Topics. Evan lead us through the world of sports. Themed topics are always a fun one!

Luis was not sure who he thought would make it to the SuperBowl, because he doesn’t watch football. Although Luis is not much of a football fan. He appreciates the excitement and “strategery“.

Jed’s favorite sports hero is none other than the Big Bambino. Yes, the legend Babe Ruth. Jed admired his record breaking home runs and his ability to play multiple positions, and well!

Kenzie’s first sporting event was Trifecta, a skateboarding event held in Portland. She learned to DJ and sounds like she had a blast!

Sam definitely considers E-Sports as a sport. It’s competitive, there’s strategy, endurance and you sweat! All great points to what is considered a sport.

Rafael would love to see Chess in the Olympics. He said it requires a lot of thinking, and it’s definitely difficult. Check, and checkmate!

Laila roller skates and hula hoops to keep her body healthy. It’s also her favorite childhood activity.

Andy believes Performance Enhancement drugs should not be allowed in sports. I agree, remember that one guy Peter? Or John? Neil Armstrong or something?

To close, I’d like to give special thanks to our honorable guests, Jed and Andy. Thanks for stopping by and taking on rolls. We had a wonderful meeting with balloon animals and some yoga. Round of applause for Blake, Jaclyn, and Maryam on the first time roles. Everybody knocked it out of the park! I don’t know about you, but I always feel good after a Silicon Speech meeting.

On to the next escapade!

Now, here’s the list for next week:
  • Toastmaster – Jaclyn Lineback
  • Toastmaster – Li Xin
  • Table Topics Master – Maryam Ashouri
  • Speaker #1 – Lauren Clayton
  • Speaker #2 – Azita Sachmechian
  • Chief Evaluator – Evan Pawelk
  • Evaluator #1 – Sam Nazarian
  • Evaluator #2 – Rafael Macho
  • Timer – Armando Yee
  • Grammarian – Laila Aitken
  • Ah Counter – Jaclyn Lineback
  • Thought for the Day – Shar McBee
  • Joke Master – Karan Bavandi
Len Kung
Club Secretary