Meeting Minutes – 02.27.2020

Namaste! That was the creative greeting we used in place of the traditional Toastmaster handshake and it seemed to set the tone for a great meeting last night in the Boardroom at Cross Campus. Azita Sachmechian was our Toastmaster and she presided over 2 terrific speeches and an innovative round of Table Topics questions. Sam […]

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Meeting Minutes – 02.20.2020

We had 2 terrific speeches, 2 insightful evaluations and some stellar Table Topics performances at last night’s Silicon Speech meeting. It was anything but a lugubrious hour in the cozy confines of Conference Room C at Cross Campus. President Len Kung kicked things off with a Pathways speech titled Mentoring a Protege which gave us

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Meeting Minutes – 02.13.2020

Hi Everyone, It was our big Valentine’s Day Eve meeting last night at Silicon Speech. Love was in the air and the Boardroom was definitely filled with hygge (you may have to look that one up if you weren’t with us). Karan Bavandi had a great Thought for the Day to kick things off, “Never

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Meeting Minutes – 01.30.2020

Greetings! We had a great night. We were missing our fearless leader Steve, but we made due with some excellent speakers and Table topics. Azita gave her speech entitled “gardening and physiology”. Every now and again, one should ponder the connection of humanity and nature. Our second speaker was Karan. He surprised us with his

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Meeting Minutes – 01.23.2020

We had another terrific meeting at Silicon Speech last. Len Kung presided over the meeting as Toastmaster. Jon Wald got off to a great start with his Ice Breaker speech appropriately titled “Breaking Down Walls”. Karan Bavandi was our second speaker and he gave us a preview of his company’s upcoming presentation for venture capitalists.

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Meeting Minutes – 01.16.2020

It was another great meeting at Silicon Speech last night. Unfortunately, Jon Wald came down with whatever’s going around and we had to reschedule his Ice Breaker speech until next week. Thus, Luis Hurtado was our only speaker and he came through with a terrific speech about coaches and mentors which included a harrowing tale

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Meeting Minutes – 12.19.2019

It was our final meeting of the year (and decade for that matter) which included the introduction of our new President, Len Kung. President Len also did a great job as our Toastmaster introducing two speakers, Karan Bavandi and Azita Sachmechian. Karan spoke on a topic that’s near and dear to Toastmasters, the importance of

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Meeting Minutes – 12.12.2019

Hi Everybody, It was an exciting meeting last night at Silicon Speech which included the unveiling of our new officers for next term. Drum roll please. Here’s the new Leadership Team! President – Luis Hurtado Vice President of Education – Steve Evans Vice President of Public Relations – Len Kung Vice President of Membership –

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Meeting Minutes – 12.05.19

After our Thanksgiving break, it was great to get back together last night at Cross Campus. James Allen Hanrahan lead the charge as our Toastmaster. New member, Alex Schams did his Ice Breaker speech which included a reference to literally breaking free from the icy weather of Minnesota and making his way to warm confines

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